Question: I'm going on a cruise. Do I need trip interruption insurance?
Answer :

Trip interruption insurance reimburses you for losses associated with your trip being cut short (e.g., emergency flight home, unused prepaid expenses). Whether you should purchase trip interruption insurance depends primarily on whether you can afford to absorb those losses yourself. Other factors may come into play, though, such as your health status, the location of your trip, and how comfortable you are with risk.

Trip interruption insurance coverage varies, depending on the type of policy you buy. However, most policies provide coverage if you get sick (although policies often exclude pre-existing conditions) or have some kind of emergency (e.g., death in the family). Some even provide coverage if your trip is interrupted by bad weather (e.g., hurricane). However, most cruise contracts give the cruise company the right to change the ship's itinerary if there's severe weather. So don't expect reimbursement from your trip interruption insurance for missing a scheduled port of call. Be sure to read your trip insurance policy carefully to understand exactly what is and isn't covered. To get a premium quote, call your property/casualty insurance agent or your travel agent.