Question: My radio broke two months after I bought it. I tried to return it to the store, but it won't give me a refund. What can I do to get my money back?
Answer :

When your radio breaks and the store won't accept a return, you have several options. If you purchased the radio with a credit card, you can contact the card issuer. If you have already made an unsuccessful effort to resolve the dispute with the store or the manufacturer, the card issuer may credit your account for the entire purchase and handle the dispute directly with the store or manufacturer. Whether you can get a replacement radio or a refund will usually depend on several factors:

  • The radio must be for personal use
  • It must cost more than $50
  • The purchase must have occurred within your state or within 100 miles of your billing address

If you paid cash for the radio, however, your dispute is with the store or the manufacturer. If you cannot settle the matter on your own and a significant amount of money is concerned, you may want to consult an attorney. You may also contact either the attorney general of the state where you made the purchase or the state agency responsible for consumer protection and fair business practices. Check the government listings in your local phone book.

It is always important to be familiar with the store's return policy. The store must have clearly and conspicuously disclosed its return policy in such a way that you saw and understood it before you made the purchase. In addition, the store must always take back defective goods, regardless of its return policy.