Question: I smoke cigars occasionally, but not cigarettes. Will I be charged smokers' rates for life insurance?
Answer :
When determining life insurance rates, insurance companies focus on risk. Because smokers face an increased risk of death, insurance companies usually require them to pay more for life insurance coverage. But should someone who smokes a cigar once a week, for instance, pay the same rates as someone who smokes two packs of cigarettes per day? You'll find that different insurance companies answer that question differently.

Some life insurance companies treat all smokers (cigar and cigarette aficionados) alike. Others place cigar smokers in a class of their own. Since life insurance rates can vary significantly among insurance companies, cigar smokers should do some research before buying coverage to identify those companies that treat cigar smokers more favorably. You can surf the Internet or ask your insurance agent for assistance. And remember, your insurance company may even lower your rates if you quit smoking for at least a year.