Question: Will short-term health insurance cover all my medical expenses?
Answer :

Short-term health insurance is meant to cover accidents and illnesses that occur while you are insured. Since this coverage is intended to be temporary, the benefits are limited. For example, physical exams and other types of preventive care are typically not covered. Benefits vary among insurance companies, but most include:

  • Ambulance service
  • Outpatient physical therapy
  • Wheelchair or hospital bed rental
  • Hospital intensive or coronary care
  • Hospital outpatient or ambulatory surgical facility services
  • Semiprivate hospital room and board and general nursing care
  • Artificial limbs or eyes, oxygen, casts, orthopedic braces, dressings, sutures, and splints
  • Doctor and surgical services, including anesthesiologists, assistants, and registered nurses
  • Inpatient prescription drugs, blood, X rays, CAT scans, radioactive treatment, anesthesia, and tests

Make sure you read and understand the listed exclusions. Short-term policies generally will not pay for:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Mental illness
  • Well-baby care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, or complications
  • Charges for medical services outside the United States
  • Dental treatment other than for an injury while insured
  • Cosmetic surgery, unless from an injury or illness while insured
  • Treatment or removal of tonsils or adenoids, except in an emergency
  • Charges relating to any pre-existing condition that was treated or to treatment recommended within the