Question: Does a typical dental insurance policy cover braces?
Answer :
Some dental policies cover orthodontia (including braces) and others don't. You should carefully read through a dental insurance plan before selecting it if you think a member of your family may need orthodontic services.

If your dental policy covers orthodontia, there may be a waiting period before the coverage kicks in. Also, your policy may contain a maximum annual benefit limit for orthodontic work. And keep in mind that most plans offer orthodontic treatment to children only, not to adults. One more word of caution: If your child has a pre-existing dental condition, it may be excluded from coverage, depending on the policy provisions.

A dental plan's orthodontic benefits may be treated differently from other dental benefits. Normally, the plan will pay for a certain percentage of orthodontic treatment. The co-payments and deductibles may also differ from standard dental care. If you have any questions related to the orthodontia component of your dental insurance, contact your plan administrator or a customer service representative at your insurer.