Question: Should I buy medical payments coverage?
Answer :
Medical payments coverage is one of several coverage parts found in your automobile insurance policy. It insures against medical bills that you, your family members, your passengers, or any pedestrians incur as a result of an accident involving your car. It also covers any medical bills incurred if you or your family members are injured as pedestrians. Medical payments coverage pays regardless of fault.

Whether you should buy medical payments coverage depends on how your policy provides coverage, which varies by state. In some states, your medical payments coverage will pay only after certain other automobile coverage parts and your health insurance have been exhausted. If you have adequate limits for the other coverage parts, and your health insurance is sufficient, you may not need medical payments coverage. Before you decide if it's necessary, check to see when the medical coverage begins in your state and how it coordinates with your health insurance.

Something else to consider is the type of vehicle you drive. For example, if you own a motorcycle, your automobile insurance policy can be much more limited in coverage than if you own a car. As a result, you may need medical payments coverage to fill the gaps.

If you frequently drive passengers who are not members of your family, consider adding medical payments coverage to your policy. If you have an accident and your passengers do not have adequate health insurance, the medical payments part of your auto policy could be required to pay their medical bills.