Question: I'm considered a "risky driver." How can I get insurance?
Answer :
First, check with your insurance agent to be sure you really are considered a risky driver. Of course, you'll want to avoid the classification if possible, and such definitions vary by company and by state. The classification of risky driver includes the number and type of accidents that you're involved in, whether you are at fault in the accidents, and the type of automobile you drive. The last three to six years of your driving history will determine the classification.

Some private insurance companies specialize in providing automobile insurance for risky drivers and those who drive racing or sports cars. This insurance is very expensive, however. If you can't buy insurance from a private company, you may be able to buy it through your state program, but again, it will be expensive. The available coverages and amounts of insurance will probably be far more limited than those in the regular or preferred market. Check with your state's insurance department.

There are ways you can avoid the label of risky driver. The most important is to become a safe driver. You can also change the car you drive--premiums for sports cars are much more expensive than for regular sedans. You don't have to sell your favorite sports car, but you can save money by limiting the miles you put on it annually.

Your insurance agent will know the best markets for risky drivers and can guide you.